Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BLIPConnectionRepresents a connection to a peer, using the BLIP protocol over a TCP socket
< BLIPConnectionDelegate >The delegate messages that BLIPConnection will send, in addition to the ones inherited from TCPConnectionDelegate
BLIPDispatcherRoutes BLIP messages to targets based on a series of rules
BLIPFrameHeaderHeader of a BLIP frame as sent across the wire
BLIPListenerA "server" that listens on a TCP socket for incoming BLIP connections and creates BLIPConnection instances to handle them
BLIPMessageAbstract superclass for BLIP requests and responses
BLIPMutablePropertiesMutable subclass of BLIPProperties, used for creating new instances
BLIPPackedPropertiesInternal immutable subclass that keeps its contents in the packed data representation
BLIPPropertiesA key/value property store, like a set of MIME or RFC822 headers (but without the weird details)
BLIPReaderINTERNAL class that reads BLIP frames from the socket
BLIPRequestA Request, or initiating message, in the BLIP protocol
BLIPResponseA reply to a BLIPRequest, in the BLIP protocol
BLIPWriterINTERNAL class that sends BLIP frames over the socket
HostAddressA subclass of IPAddress that remembers the DNS hostname instead of a raw address
IPAddressRepresents an Internet Protocol address and port number (similar to a sockaddr_in)
MYAddressLookupAn asynchronous DNS address lookup
MYBonjourBrowserSearches for Bonjour services of a specific type
MYBonjourQueryA query for a particular DNS record (TXT, NULL, etc
MYBonjourRegistrationRegisters a local network service with Bonjour, so it can be browsed by other computers
MYBonjourServiceRepresents a Bonjour service discovered by a BonjourBrowser
MYDNSServiceAbstract superclass for services based on DNSServiceRefs, such as MYPortMapper
RecentAddressAn IPAddress that can keep track of statistics on when it was last sucessfully used and the number of successful attempts
TCPConnectionA generic class that manages a TCP socket connection
< TCPConnectionDelegate >The delegate messages sent by TCPConnection
TCPEndpointAbstract base class of TCPConnection and TCPListener
TCPListenerGeneric TCP-based server that listens for incoming connections on a port
< TCPListenerDelegate >The delegate messages sent by TCPListener
TCPReaderInput stream for a TCPConnection
TCPStreamAbstract superclass for data streams, used by TCPConnection
TCPWriterOutput stream for a TCPConnection

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