NeuroLab  1.2.3
Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory Developers' Documentation


The Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory program consists of the following modules:

The NeuroLab Program

NeuroLab is implemented in a library (this allows plugins to be linked against the GUI code), with a tiny wrapper program.

The main parts of the library are:


The project is developed in the Qt Creator IDE.

Due to limitations in the Qt Creator build system, you will need to clone your copy of the NeuroLab repository to a directory that does not have spaces in its path.

NOTE: If you want to use the automated build tools, set your shadow directories to be "build-debug" and "build-release" instead of the defaults provided by Qt Creator. You might want to do this anyway on Windows, because the default paths are likely to lead to path names that are too long for windows to handle during the build, and you will get strange errors.

Once you have installed the Qt SDK, open the file src/ in Qt Creator.

Building on Linux

On Linux you might need to add or modify the build variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include "." before you will be able to run NeuroLab from the debugger.

Building on Mac OS X

On the Mac, you will need to add an extra build step to the neurolab project that calls utils/macdeploy before you can debug or run the program. This will correctly rename the shared library references in the app bundle.